Hi Everyone,

We are putting together a ‘Canine Partnership’ training day on December 9, 2017.  In this Clinic, we begin the morning with introductions and a short discussion about Brad’s Method. Coffee and pastries will be available. We will then head to the training yard to begin working with you and your dogs on the Defer Walk. After everyone is comfortable with this first exercise, we will return to the indoor area to work on claiming of space (including crate training), energy management, building of associations, etc. After the morning’s exercises, we will sit down for more discussion while working on shaping good manner indoors. After lunch, we will then head back out to the field to work on off-leash handling, checkcord work, recall training and for those interested, bird introduction.

This event will be held at our facility in Yerington, and will be a one day event.  Space will be limited to 8 dogs.

Everyone interested, please e-mail me at  [email protected]   or call (775) 267-7240

Cost will be $200, and includes continental breakfast, lunch and refreshments. The cost also includes a “Pack Leader Leash” for all participants and, for those that are interested, birds for bird introduction.

Brad will be available the next day also (Sunday, December 10) for those that may wish to stay over for one-on-one training sessions.