It All Boils Down To Trust

The Higgins Method is unique among dog training methods. Our foundation is based on trust not obedience. Trust is innate in all social (pack) animals. It is a survival mechanism that has served the species well. It is what makes all cooperative endeavors possible.

In a mutually beneficial dog/owner relationship, trust is the glue that holds everything together. This means you as the owner and handler, have a responsibility. The only way you can make a gundog trustworthy is to show him success, then step out of the way and trust him.  The surest way to make him untrustworthy is to distrust him. 

When it comes to teaching a dog to be steady, obedience training is limited in it’s potential. It can create no more than a temporary, physical steadiness. It never taps into the dogs true nature and potential. Think of it this way, obedience training nurtures an untrusting relationship. You say “whoa” and threaten to electrocute him because you don’t trust him to be steady. He, in turn, is unsteady because he does not trust you to help him be successful. By nurturing trust on the other hand, you create much more than physical steadiness, you create a mental steadiness. With mental steadiness comes focus, drive and intensity; the evolution of the cunning nature of the predator.

For those academics out there, and you know who you are, here is the Higgins Method as seen in its mathematical equation.

Mental Steadiness=   ___Trust____


Steadiness must be seen from the dog’s perspective. After all, only he is in control of the outcome. You can control his cooperation, you can make him respect you but you cannot make him trust you. Trust happens when he voluntarily chooses to gives you these things. He will show you steadiness when he finds you trustworthy.

True steadiness from the dogs perspective, is not based in operant conditioning or obedience. It is simply a voluntary decision to trust. 
Brad Higgins

About the author
Brad Higgins, professional dog trainer and creator of the unique Higgins Method of dog/handler training.

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  1. I loved the new blog on ‘trust.’ As usual, very well said. I wish more people understood what you are all about, but then again, I am not sure I really understand it. I just know that it works and is so different from all the ‘whoa’, ‘whup’ and e-collar training out there today. I feel very honored to be part of the Higgins Gun Dog training.

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