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    Latest and greatest excuse I heard for the failure of conventional gundog training…

    Hunting Buddy: “Oh, Flash just has happy feet.”
    Me: “What?”
    Buddy: “If the bird starts moving, he will probably bump it.”
    Me: “Uh, that just means that he’s never been taught why he would want to wait for the gun. That’s why launching pigeons in front of a dog and shocking him when he moves doesn’t actually work.”
    Buddy: Dark look, changes subject.

    This dog has been boarded for months with a NAVHDA trainer in Montana, more than once. He’s a great GWP who would be an incredible hunting dog after a few days with Brad.

    • That’s the difference between a training method based on obedience and pressure and our method based on trust and cooperation. The best in steadiness (staunchness & intensity) cannot be commanded. It has to be freely given. A conventional method based on obedience will never build trust. As I tell other trainers, you can make a dog respect you but you can’t make him trust you. You must earn your dog’s trust before you can expect him to give you his best.