• BarryD posted an update in the group HGD Community 5 months ago

    Ran into a couple of guys with a well-meaning but out-of-control GSP. He seemed to want to know what he was doing, but he really had no idea.

    Sophie found a pheasant near them and was locked up, hard. Adrian was searching around the cover when she saw Sophie from way out, went into a stalk, slowly approached around the cover, and did a beautiful natural honor at a perfect distance. The GSP was running around behind them, totally oblivious to the fact that they were on point, or that there might be a bird around.

    I said, “Hi” and nonchalantly walked around to where the dogs were on point, positioned myself where I figured I could shoot best, then released Sophie to flush the pheasant.

    She pounced, driving the bird into the air. I waited and shot, dropping the bird near the two guys.

    When I looked over, their mouths were open. They were downright gushing, raved about how well my dogs had worked, and worked together. They said they’d never seen anything like it, and it was just amazing.

    Brad, I’ve got to get some of your latest business cards to carry in my hunting jacket.