• marc posted an update in the group HGD Community 4 months, 1 week ago

    Great post Brad. Here’s an example of Mauser (on his 2nd birthday) first scenting a pheasant from the hedgerow, then stalking it until he decides he’s close enough. I offer him only praise, and he was rewarded with the bird. He does not know the word “whoa”, although I catch myself saying it sometimes! He is trained with your methods, and we are a happy team!

    • Looks good Marc. Be sure he remains steady to flush. Remember rule #2. On any flush, don’t look at the bird, look at your dog first. Make sure he remains steady to flush before you turn to shoot the bird.

      • Thanks Brad. I believe he remained steady until the first shot. He was on the move during the second, for sure. That was the first time I missed with the first shot (way behind it!). I’ll pay more attention next time to him the next time!

    • No problem there Marc. He waited for the first shot which was his release cue. This works well in wild bird hunting. The second shot is safe because there will be plenty of room between the bird and the dog for a safe shot. After just a few more birds, he will teach himself to be steady to shot and he will release himself on the fall.