• Mic Cutler posted an update in the group HGD Community 5 months ago

    Are pigeons good game bird substitutes for chukar for training purposes? I have noticed less intensity from Hunt experience d gun dogs. Is this a common problem? Is it something that should be avoided?

    • Hello Mic,

      No, pigeons are useless. To create a good predator, natural acting prey is a necessity. Case closed. You need to use the best, wild acting birds available and set up natural scenarios. Dogs need to see the training not as “training” but as hunting. Yardwork, launchers, pigeons, whoa barrels, e-collars, whistles, voice commands, hand signals, force fetch, etc. are all human inventions that have nothing to do with how dogs think and react when related to their predator/prey dynamic.


      • Great info , Brad. It was my guess but I wanted to confirm it with you. Do you sell chukar and quail? What is the cost per bird? Quantity? Thanks again!