• John Malutinok posted an update in the group HGD Community 9 months, 2 weeks ago

    I have a 3-year old pointer who I recently adopted from a friend who, in turn, got him from a chain-gang style operation where he was presumably exposed to heavy pressure early on because now, he blinks birds. He will go up to a pen-raised bird and point briefly, then turn and move on. When I’ve taken him to the grouse woods, he acts similarly–he will point briefly then move on. Can I help him through this behavior by exposing him to wild birds?

    • Hello John. I see this problem with dogs that have been pressured around birds. Easy to fix in most cases. First we need to know exactly what makes him leave the bird. Is it your approach, did the bird move, did you say anything, is it after a certain amount of time, etc. There is a specific negative association that is causing him to blink. Any ideas?

      • All I know now is that he holds Point for a few seconds, then releases without me saying anything. Could be that he does so when I’m walking up on him, but he releases so quickly that it’s hard to tell. Should I be diagnosing him further with pen birds? Tough to tell when he’s on wild bird dog because I can’t see what the bird is doing.

        • Yes, I would work him on some good flying, pen raised birds. When he points, be quiet, turn around and leave. See what he chooses to do. If you’re not interested in WHY he blinks, you will fail.