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    Got it .. thanks for your response…

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    PS..i watched your video and read the article…i know you’re going to roll your eyes when i say this, but i think he sometimes has trouble with mouthfeel…especially if there are too many loose feathers in his mouth…

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    Brad, I’ve got a guy (a good shooter) ready to train with me…as i understand it, when Brock stops i get within his peripheral vision then close enough to hold the check cord…once the shooter is in position i encourage Brock to come with me for the flush, hold him until the shooter brings down the bird, then encourage him to retrieve it…
    While he usually is pretty reliable retrieving, this past week he seemed reluctant to carry the bird back to me without a lot of encouragement…any suggestions there?

    • Stop pressuring (encouraging) the dog to retrieve. I never have to ask for a retrieve. When we’re ready to practice retrieving, I let the dog go on the fall and walk away in the opposite direction. More on that later.

      Back to your main question. You’re working on steadiness and building trust. Stay with the dog (on the check cord) and have the SHOOTER retrieve the bird back and give it to the dog. The shooter walks back to the dogs and when about 5 feet from the dog, tosses the bird to the ground at his feet. The dog is not released to retrieve yet. This checkcord work is building trust, the foundation of my method. Once the dog has the bird, go for a walk with him. let him carry his bird if he likes. Retrieving is not a problem unless you make it one. By the time he is steady, he will retrieve naturally. Retrieving is simply a byproduct of trust.

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    Brad, you were almost right that Brock would hold steady with 5 more birds…got 5 hen pheasants as you suggested…he jumped the first one and chased it about 100 yes, thru the fence and caught it in the
    drainage along the road..pointed the next 4 birds!! I was alone so I flushed the birds, shot (missed) while he HELD STEADY! He waited for release on 2 and bolted after the other 2 after the gunshots…😃

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