Higgins Gundog Titles

Unlike conventionally trained dogs, a Higgins Gundog chooses to cooperate and understands that he needs the handler (shooter) in order to be successful. He consistently displays all of his natural drive, focus, intensity and steadiness while hunting and managing his birds.

The dogs listed below have demonstrated excellence in our unique venue we call “Classic Hunting”. All have earned the coveted title of Higgins Gundogs (HGD).

Barrett, Sandy, HGDH, M.S.HGD, Ch Roclyn Half Pint, MH, CGCIrish Setter
Belanger, Greg, HGDHHGD, HarryWirehaired Pointing Griffon
Capilla, Ron, HGDHHGD Griffonpoint Newtown Blackmagic SaraWirehaired Pointing Griffon
Davocato, Frank, HGDHHGD, JakeGerman Wirehaired Pointer
Dworak, Barry, HGDH HGD, Gus Mudbone Augustus McCrae (Gus)Vizsla
Esperance, Larry, HGDH HGD, WilWirehaired Pointing Griffon
Fairlee, Liz, HGDHHGD, LyricBlue Weimaraner
Illingworth, Steve, HGDH HGD, Griffonpoint J’Gracie (Gracie) Wirehaired Pointing Griffon
Lasich, Christina, HGDH, MDHGD, JewellEnglish Pointer (pound rescue)
Mann, Andrea, HGDHHGD, Intl Ch Heathrow’s The Pelican Brief, MH, RN, CGCEnglish Setter
Miller, LisaHGD Griffondor TreyWirehaired Pointing GriffonOwner: Lisa Miller Trainer: Brad Higgins
Mullin, Derrick, HGDHHGD, Ch Roclyn Killian’s Red, MH, CAT, CGCIrish Setter
Mullin, Jen, HGDHHGD, Ch Roclyn Killian’s Red, MH, CAT, CGCIrish Setter
Olivares, Reagan, HGDHHGD, HeppaGerman Shorthaired Pointer
Slingsby, Jeff, HGDHHGD, MardiGerman Shorthaired Pointer
Stone, Douglas, Maj Gen, HGDHHGD, EarlUnknown (pound rescue)
Stuehm, KatyHGDs Griffonpoint Bellibone, Libby, IthacaWirehaired Pointing GriffonsOwner: Katy Stuehm Trainer: Brad Higgins
Valente, Frank, HGDHHGD, KodaVizsla
Voris, Ben, HGDHHGD Griffonpoint Newtown Arrow FlynnKorthals Griffon
Winkel, Dave, HGDHHGD, Griffonpoint Alter Ego (Bruno) & HGD Griffonpoint Fay Reese, (Reese)Wirehaired Pointing Griffons
Zimet, Martha, HGDH. M.A.HGD, Kasamar Constant Craving NSD (Sophia)Weimaraner