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Higgins Remote Releaser thumbnail

Higgins Remote Releaser

The ultimate training aid! Let the bird do the training. These releasers don’t launch the bird, they silently release him. Just work your dog into the area and remotely open the releaser. The lid slowly opens. Learn More…

$169.00 (Releaser only)

Dogtra QL Launcher

Dogtra QL Bird Launcher

The QL bird launcher system is a great tool to help train your hunting dog. The QL launcher is designed for quail or barn pigeon size birds.. Learn More…


Zinger Winger Remote Uplander Launcher

Zinger Winger Remote Uplander Launcher

The Uplander is a spring loaded launcher that offers a wide assortment of uses. The Uplander is powered by 4 heavy duty springs. The strength and power that this versatile launcher provides allows…    Learn More…


Dogtra RR Deluxe

Dogtra RR Deluxe

Designed for the Dogtra PL and QL bird launchers but is compatible with most after-market bird/bumper launcher systems. Learn More…


DT Systems Transmitter for Remote BL

DT Systems Transmitter for Remote BL

This BL Transmitter can be used with any remote BL Natural Flush Bird Launcher. It can control up to 16 different BL remote launchers.Learn More…


DT Systems Receiver Box for Remote BL

DT Systems Receiver Box for Remote BL

This BL Remote Receiver Box attaches to any BL series Natural Flush Bird Launcher for remote operation with BL Transmitter (not included).Learn More…


Higgins Packleader Leash

Higgins Packleader Leash

It’s not about heeling (obedience). The Higgins Packleader Leash is in no way similar to a Halti or Holt Headcollar. Those products simply turn a dogs head. The Higgins Packleader Leash is about cooperation. It allows you to communicate on his level. Dogs will naturally defer to a higher level of energy (you). Learn More…


Pinch collars and checkcords

Pinch Collars and Checkcords

Checkout our high quality selection of pinch collars and checkcords. Don’t settle for cheap, low quality products. Learn More…


Avatar Hunting Vest

Avatar Dog Training/Hunting Vest

I’ve tried every vest out there and this is the best by far. Designed for use by active dog trainers and hunters, the”Avatar” includes two full sized zippered bird compartments with 3 large pockets each and a large zippered game bag in back.Learn More…


Pigeon House Plans

Pigeon House Plans

Build your own pigeon house and have pigeons available all the time. Homing pigeons are ideal since they return to the pigeon house on their own from any location. 40″ X 48″ sets 12″ off the ground. Total height 60″-70″.Learn More…