A New Strategy For Success, The Flush/Stop Cue

This is Griffonpoint W’ Moose learning the Flush/Stop cue. What we want here is an aggressive flush followed by an immediate stop-to- flush. This is a great psychological exercise that leads to a whole new level of trust, cooperation and steadiness.

Basically, I make a deal with the dogs. I’ll let you do what you’ve always wanted to do, flush the birds, but in return, you can only do it if, and when I ask. They all take the deal.

They’re so much better at this stuff than we are.


About the author
Brad Higgins, professional dog trainer and creator of the unique Higgins Method of dog/handler training.

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  1. Hello RoyH and kmac61,

    Good to hear from you. Glad you liked the video. Be sure to keep in touch with questions and comments. If there are specific parts of my training method that you would like more info on, please let me know. Some of the blogs and videos in the works include, “The Correct Use of the E-collar”, “How Dogs Instinctively Learn (it’s not what you think)”, and more.

    kmac61, In response to your question, “Isn’t this a preferred method in Eastern Europe? Where do you insert this piece of training in your flow chart?” Yes, In the UK, Europe and most of the world, the dogs are trained to flush the birds on command. My requirements are an aggressive flush on command followed by an immediate stop to flush. It’s beautiful to watch and a lot of fun for the shooter. As far as where the “Flush/Stop fits in the Flowchart of my method, It’s usually right after the Magic Brushpile. The checkcord and the MBP show the dogs that I can be trusted to produce the bird. The Flush/Stop shows them that chasing is always unsuccessful while steadiness (the “stop to flush”) is always rewarded with a bird in their mouth.

    RoyH, keep me posted on that new pup and crazy GSP. I have a video posted on how I start young dogs. It’s included here in a link to the Flowchart.


    Keep in touch and let me know how it goes.

    All the Best,


  2. I really admire this technique, it looks like so much fun and a better “plan” than our traditional method of shooters flushing the bird. Isn’t this a preferred method in Eastern Europe? Where do you insert this piece of training in your flow chart?

  3. This is excellently great. I’m starting to understand this. Finally I’ve come across a dog handler that, not only aligns with my personal dog beliefs, but taken it light years ahead. Thank you Higgins Gun Dogs. I will be donating as soon as my new pup’s vet bills are paid, and learning as much about this as I possibly can. And my nutty rescued GSP also thanks you!

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