Upcoming Higgins Gundogs Shooting Clinics

Higgins Shooting Clinic

Brad’s goal in training hunting dogs is to create a calm, effective, synergistic team that works together. He writes blogs and articles often about training and shooting over fine hunting dogs. Over the years, we have worked with all levels of wingshooters. Some grew up with grandparents or parents who hunted and learned to shoot from an early age, and others (seemingly more and more), decide to learn to shoot so they can best enjoy the sublime relationship earned by hunting with a dog. Because Brad’s main interest in training hunting dogs requires a partner who effectively hits birds (at least some of the time), he has decided to offer shooting clinics for all levels of shooters. He has been an upland bird shooter for more than 40 years and has been successfully teaching amateur hunters to shoot for more than 30 years.

Throughout the clinic, he’ll be using the latest technology including lasers and a ShotKam video recorder. This makes it easy for students to learn, understand and practice, first in the classroom and then outside on real clay targets. Brad’s next shooting clinics have been designed to meet the needs of beginning shooters who may or may not own their own gun, or have limited experience with shotguns.

Saturdays July 28, 2018 and August 4, 2018 have been reserved for our upcoming clinics for Lady Shooters. Additionally, Sundays July 29, 2018 and August 4, 2018 are available for one on one private shooting instruction for those in attendance to the previous day’s clinic.

In order to meet each shooter’s needs, Brad has limited each day of the clinic to three shooters.

The schedule follows:

-8:00 AM Coffee, fruit and pastries

-Indoor Instruction and Practice

  • Understanding Gun fit (length of pull, drop at comb, cast on/cast off)
  • Shotgun Disassembly and reassembly
  • Shotgun Cleaning and maintenance
  • Practicing the gun mount and move (using a barrel laser and projected targets)
  • Creating a consistent sight picture (don’t look down the barrel!)
  • Keeping your eyes on the target while mounting the gun in front
  • Forward allowance (trusting the subconscious to apply lead)
  • Eye dominance


-Out to the Field

  • We’ll practice shooting clay targets with a ShotKam video camera (a high-tech training camera) attached to your shotgun. We record each shot so we can then examine your shots sight picture in slow motion.

-Evaluation of ShotKam videos

  • We’ll head back to the classroom so we can watch actual videos (ShotKam) of your shooting and see why you hit or missed the targets.
  • We’ll discuss your strengths and weaknesses and give you advise on what to work on at home.

-Back to the Field

  • Wingshooting demonstrations with Brad, Katy and Reagan. We’ll end the day shooting live birds over finished Higgins Gundogs.

Cost is $200 per shooter.

Please contact Katy for more information on upcoming dates.

Katy Stuehm



Higgins Gundogs Community Page

We will soon have a “Community” page linked to our “Higgins Gundogs” website. It will be similar to a “Groups” page on Facebook. Members can get together, discuss any topics and even search for specific topics of interest. There will be member profile pages too where you can look for other members with similar interests in your area. It will be the best of a blog and a forum. In the meantime, if you would, please use this forum page to keep in touch. I’ll be announcing some upcoming events here soon.

Fully Trained Higgins Gundogs Are Now Available!

FullSizeRender 2

As many of you know, over the last few years I have been building a unique pointer breeding program. From falconry dogs forged on the Moors of northern Scotland to beautiful and talented individuals from the leading kennels in Italy and Denmark, I have been importing those dogs that have the right balance between natural talent, drive, biddability and cooperation. Read more…

Perfect Tom

We are sorry to hear of the recent passing of one of our original Higgins Gundogs. HGD Tom and his owner Andie Mann were always a pleasure to work with and made me proud. They were a great team and will always be remembered with a smile. Keep up the good work Andie and give Jameson a pat for me.

Here is a video from 2013 that include some scenes of Andie handling Perfect Tom.  It doesn’t get any better than this.


Merry Christmas to All

Here’s wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

Been very busy here at the Higgins Sporting Estate. The new clubhouse and kennel building has been approved by the County and construction will begin shortly.

We will be expecting puppies this spring with the breeding of our UK imports Amber Uno of Glencuan and Oksby Basso. Many thanks go out to the late Des O’neile of Northern Ireland for entrusting me with these beautiful, talented dogs. They are a wonderful addition to my breeding program.

There has been some recent activity in the forum. Please take a look and feel free to join the conversations.


Thanks again for your interest and continued support.

All the best,

Brad Higgins


Magic Brushpile Launcher Rental Program

Since I put up the most recent “Magic Brushpile” video, ( http://youtu.be/8vDfeE1405c ) there has been a lot of interest in what I call the “bang machine” (Zinger launcher). I know, they’re expensive. With electronics, about $600.  That’s why I’ve started a bang machine rental program.

If this is something you might be interested in, or you’d like more information, please let me know.






Shooting Partridge Over Will

Here is our newest pup Will. Special thanks to Des O’Neile, Glencuan Pointers in Northern Ireland.

Will is gaining hunting experience and has been introduced to the gun. Soon, we will begin his steadiness training with the “Magic Brushpile”.



Member’s Section Update

The Member’s section is moving forward but obviously not as quickly as I had hoped. Putting it all together has proved to be a bit more complex than I had considered. My web guys have been great. This is a unique project requiring a substantial amount of work and testing. In addition, we had the whole Facebook issue (they shut me down) requiring moving and redirecting my current web content. Enough whining.

When finished, this Members section will be unique to the dog training world. All the videos will be of actual dogs during training. They will be categorized and tagged, and will follow my method step by step. Current and new training videos will be included as well as custom videos for specific members. In addition, I have videos available showing me rehabilitating client dogs. As many of you know, much of my business involves rehabilitating and repairing dogs trained with other methods. Some of these issues include flagging, blinking, gun shyness, handling issues, retrieve problems, etc. These videos will be valuable in showing you how to get back in your dog’s head and building that trust based relationship required for a well balanced, happy dog.

In the meantime, I’m offering a discount on private phone consultations. Also, if any current, registered users have questions or would like to see specific training videos, please let me know. I can post links to various training videos from the upcoming members section. Keep in mind, the Forum section, here on the website, is always available for specific questions and comments too. I even included a subscriber “Timeline” there just like Facebook where you can keep in touch with friends and talk about any subject you like.

Hang in there, we’ll get er’ done.



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Hello all. The website hit a new high last month with total sessions surpassing 1,000! (as per Google Analytics: A session is defined as a group of interactions or “hits” one user takes within a given time frame on a website). Thanks to all.

I have a favor to ask.  Click on the title of this blog (Please Introduce Yourself, Leave a Comment). Below, at the bottom, there is a comment tab. If you’d like, leave me a comment about yourself and what your interests are. It’s all free and it would help me in providing additional useful information in my videos, blog and forum. When you subscribe, you will also have full access to the Forum section where you can ask questions, leave comments, and keep in touch with other like minded people. In addition, you will be able to choose if you would like to be notified (by email) whenever a new blog entry is posted.

Thanks for your interest in Higgins Gundogs and the Higgins Method.

Brad Higgins
Higgins Gundogs
Higgins Gundogs hunting etiquette

Dogs: Stay in touch and handle well. Always honor another dog’s point, be steady when necessary and manage the birds for the gun.
Handlers: Be silent in the hunt. Allow the dog the freedom to do his work. Nurture the natural retrieve.

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Certifies Higgins Gundogs & Higgins Gundog Handlers

Here is a link to a list of our certified Higgins Gundogs (HGD) and handlers (HGDH).


I understand there are some impostors out there. I just found out that a guide at a well known hunt club has been telling his clients that he and his dog were certified with Higgins Gundogs. In his case, it is untrue.

All Higgins Gundogs (HGD) and Higgins Gundog Handlers (HGDH) have been personally trained and certified by me using one-on-one sessions or through video and phone consultations.  Those that know me understand that I have the highest of expectations for our dogs and handlers. If you have reason to question someone’s comment claiming to have a Higgins Gundog title, please let me know.


Brad Higgins
Higgins Gundogs
Higgins Gundogs hunting etiquette

Dogs: Stay in touch and handle well. Always honor another dog’s point, be steady when necessary and manage the birds for the gun.

Handlers: Be silent in the hunt. Allow the dog the freedom to do his work. Nurture the natural retrieve.