HGD Community's gallery/Wall photo Gallery
  • (HGD) Kepa and (HGD) Ekahi 11/23/18
    Nevada , Valley Quail

    First time working the dogs together since Idaho. Although they did a great job , I still need to do more work on them hunting together as a brace. Just need to have them trust each others abilities and understand how to work as a team.

  • (HGD) Kepa, Chukar hunt 11-17-18
    Walked 9 up and downhill miles, to find a Chukar 1/2 a mile from the truck. Great hunt and day.
    Good Boy Kepa
    Happy Hunting to all

  • (HGD) Kepa , 11/15/18, Valley Quail
    Just enjoying my day with Kepa , while Ekahi recovers from her barb wire cuts

  • Opening weekend of upland season, 10/14/18

    (HGD) Ekahi goes on her first Valley Quail hunt and gets a 4 bird harvest . Her first encounter was a covey of about 50-60 birds and she handled it pretty good for a rookie. My next goal is to get Kepa and Ekahi hunting together in a brace.
    Great weekend
    Happy Hunting to all

  • Opening Day of Upland Season, Nevada, 10/13/18
    (HGD) Kepa starts the season with a 6 bird harvest of Valley Quail. Great day.

    Happy Hunting

  • Sage Grouse , Sept. 2018
    HGD- Kepa
    HGD- Ekahi on her first wild bird hunt and harvest

    2-hunts , 2- limits, 2- different areas.
    Thank you Fred and Jani Ahlvers for a great hunt

  • William finds the covey.

  • Saturday was the first day of preserve hunting in Missouri. Annie and I got out there after a rain storm. After the birds got wet they didn’t want to fly real well. This was just a fun hunt for me to see how she would respond to here/come in a more excited area. She did great. She watched where I was, pointed some birds, flushed some birds,…[Read more]

    • Hello Wendell,

      The best way to build birdiness and scenting ability is to do just what you’re doing, give her experience on wild acting birds. Also, be quiet in the bird field. Let her focus on her hunting and the birds. Remember, the bird trains the dog. All we do is set up realistic hunting scenarios. Keep it as natural as possible with good,…[Read more]

  • My gun introduction is very good now. She looks like she might be leaning something. https://youtu.be/yRkiFsKAqaw

  • Just did a gun introduction with my pup. I had already done it with a starter pistol very successfully. With the pistol there was NO reaction to the sound. Today I used a shotgun blank from 50 yards years away and she jumped a bit when it went off. She immediately went back to chasing the birds but bummer. I put the gun away and we have more…[Read more]

  • Had our beautiful and talented import (Denmark), Matresse’s Diva out in the field today. Special thanks to her breeder Jan Espersen.

    Here are a couple of photos. I’ll have some video posted soon of her during a recent partridge hunt.

  • One of our black pointer pups working some chukar. Still have one available to the right home.

  • Please forgive the not so great picture…I dropped my phone awhile back. This past weekend my pup Griffonpoint X’Bomber really put it together. Steady to wing, shot and fall on this public land pheasant. Due some terrible shooting on my part he was steady to wing, shot and miss on several other birds. I felt terrible for letting him…[Read more]

  • Here are some photos of Wallace and Des in the field today. Both are from our Basso/Amber breeding. Great steadiness and natural retrieves.