HGD Community's gallery/Wall video Gallery
  • Annie flushed her first bird then handled the next great. Later in the day she tried catching then on her own. When that didn’t work she went back to doing it right. She’s learning.

  • Here is a young Griffon learning that bird management (stalking) is a necessary and successful strategy. The video starts after the dog scented the bird and pointed. Now the bird has moved off. The dog is learning that to get the bird to stop, it must keep in touch with the bird but not flush it. If the dog does not stalk (too little pressure),…[Read more]

  • Here is some video of one of our training outings with Eric handling Stella and Samantha. We are so pleased with their good work and thankful to Brad for all the training. Both dogs were steady until given the alright cue and stopped to flush. Stella even had a beautiful natural retrieve. Hope we did everything right. I am sure you will let us know. 🙂