Happy Thanksgiving

Had a great Thanksgiving here at the Higgins Sporting Estate in Yerington Nevada. Started the day off with a morning quail hunt behind some outstanding bird dogs.
Happy Thanksgiving to all.


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Brad Higgins, professional dog trainer and creator of the unique Higgins Method of dog/handler training.

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  1. Morning Brad. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. I had a great quail hunting morning also although we only get to hunt state released birds here in NJ. The state is using a different supplier of the birds and I have to say that they are great fliers. Hunting singles in the woods is a real challenge. My female who was rock solid as a backer is starting to take liberties and slowly creep up to the “pointing dog” or to a point where she finally gets some scent.I am not using the e-collar to discipline her at this point other than stopping her by grabbing her collar and backing her up about 6 inches because I am committed to your system. I made my “magic brush pile” which I will have to take a picture of so I can send it to you. It is on wheels which gives me the opportunity to move it to different locations or hook it up to my truck an tow it to a hunting field.I plan to use the “magic brush pile’ and a pop-up to work with my female on her backing real soon. I am committed to the flow-chart and I am starting from the beginning with my dogs with the “walk” with the leash you sent me. I haven’t used the “magic brush pile ” yet, but will be soon, maybe this weekend. Worked with my older male “Blaze” on sharing the bird and he is now retrieving the bird and bringing it back to me with a prance in his gait.The previous 3 years was a struggle to get the bird from him with always the chance of one of my fellow hunters getting bit if they tried to get the bird from him. Thanks again for all the info on your site.


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