• Brad Higgins posted an update in the group HGD Community 8 months, 1 week ago

    Had a couple of the black pointers in the field today. They’re putting it together. Handling well, good pace and drive. The collars you see them wearing are for tracking. No e-collars are used.

    Here is a great quote from a book about the origins and history of the Pointer.

    “The chief glory of the sport is to shoot over a brace of raking pointers, matched for speed and style, sweeping over the rough places like swallows, and passing each other as if they were fine ladies not introduced. Let one of them get a pointed the other will, as if connected by an invisible wire, instantly point at him (i.e. back him); and as the pointing dog advances to make sure of the birds, the backer will do the same- often with an absolute mimicry of his leader’s movements.”

    (Quotation from William Arkwright, The Pointer and His Predecessors, 1906)