• Katy Stuehm posted an update in the group HGD Community 3 years, 1 month ago

    Look at these calm puppies managing their energy!
    Yesterday we had our Puppy Partnership Clinic here, and it was great. So nice to meet Ky, Kourtney, Yvonne, Kevin, and Marie and their pups!
    Of course Stewart and Kyle have been here before, and it was wonderful to see how their pups are coming along.
    This clinic is a super way to help owners and their pups connect. We worked on all of the skills in Brad’s Puppy Partnership certification, which resulted in some very well behaved owners and their pups, haha.
    Pups from left to right: Tana Nichols, Bella Cheek, Huck Lusby, and Belle Kranjack. Such a great bunch of pups and their owners.