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    (HGD) Ekahi, Valley Quail, 10-27-19

    This video shows Ekahi managing a covey of Valley Quail

    For me, I use the Higgins Method which allows the dog freedom to manage running birds, not stop at first scent, but decelerate and be stealthy so you don’t flush the birds before the set up. The Higgins Method calls this the art of the hunt, predator vs prey, just like coyotes, wolves, and lions do it.

    I prefer my dogs to hunt like a predator not like a human.

    As you will see Ekahi manages this covey of about 50 birds, she holds them and waits for me to get there before making her move. Upon my arrival you will see her evaluate the situation before she makes a move,( and they say dogs don’t think, oh yes they do if you give them trust and freedom, The Higgins Method) she goes to the right, points, the birds flush and we harvest one. I have to say Ekahi did a superb job for a dog that has not seen to many coveys of this size in her young hunting career. You can see Ekahi gets surprised by the covey rise and the amount of birds

    By the end of this season she will see bigger coveys and learn more from the birds, which in reality are the best trainers.

    Have a great day everyone

    Happy Hunting