• Reagan Olivares posted an update in the group HGD Community 1 year, 10 months ago

    (HGD)Kepa and Ekahi, working a brace on Valley Quail using the Higgins Method.
    You will see 2 clips. The first clip shows Kepa on point, as I approach you will see Ekahi come out from the thickets she turns the corner sees Kepa and stops. We were unable to get a shot on the bird but the dog work was great. I put this video up because the hunt prior to this I had a situation where Kepa was on point, Ekahi decided she wasn’t going to stop and went in front of Kepa, the bird flushed and they both lost because I did not shoot that bird. Ekahi stopping in this video when seeing Kepa means that she made the association that a dog on point means stop on only 1 bird. No Obedience needed, like Brad always says let the bird teach the dog.
    On the 2nd clip you will see me looking around for a couple of seconds, my gps is telling me Kepa is on point less than 20 ft. but I don’t see him ,Ekahi comes by me and goes on point, as I walk in front Kepa pops out from the thick stuff where he was pointing with Ekahi right by his side , bird flushes i take the shot ,dogs are steady until released with the hunt dead.
    With each hunt the pack is getting better at working as a team.
    Have a great day everyone
    Happy Hunting