• Reagan Olivares posted an update in the group HGD Community 2 years, 1 month ago

    This video shows the pack on point, as I approach part of the covey flushed before the set up and both dogs remain steady to the flush. As I start my approach again Kepa remains on point which tells me that there are more birds holding, as you will see Ekahi loosens up a bit but does not leave and looks like she is trying to put together what just happened and wondering what is going to happen next, she saw the birds leave, but Kepa is still pointing, and the shooter is coming, then all of a sudden another bird flushes Ekahi gets surprised and we harvest one. ( The Higgins Method calls this the building of associations). This is the first time in her Rookie season that she has been involved in this scenario and she was pretty good for a rookie, now the cool part is waiting for the next time Ekahi gets into this scenario, then i will see if the associations are hard wired. FYI, The association I am referring too is, even if the birds leave before the shooter arrives don’t move because more birds might be holding. This is why I like the Higgins Method it gives the dog freewill too learn on its own without human input just like in the wild.