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    Hunting with Kepa (Higgins Gundog)
    Nevada, Opening day 10/14/17

    This video should answer one of the more frequently asked questions.
    If my dog is pointing a covey, and i allow my dog to break for a retrieve on the shot (not before)what will happen?
    As you will see in the video Kepa points a covey of Valley Quail,
    as i move in birds flush, i take the shot, Kepa breaks for the retrieve,more birds flush, Kepa does a stop to flush and i kill him another bird (DOUBLES BABY).
    The Higgins method Stop to Flush strategy is the answer.
    In my many years of experience upland hunting, the stop to flush is the best strategy i have ever experienced, and harvested many birds because of it. Beautiful dog work demonstrated by Kepa in the video, only happens through Freewill, trust, and experience, which is the foundation of the Higgins method.