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    Hunting with Kepa ( Higgins Gun Dog )
    Here is Kepa doing a beautiful Flush / Stop on a hunt we did on 12/28/16. In the video you will see Kepa pointing a single wild Valley Quail , as i approach within shooting range you will hear me give Kepa the ok cue , at this point Kepa is free to do whatever he is thinking , he can flush it , relocate , or not even move , in this situation Kepa decides to go right in with an aggressive flush and stops on the flush , i take the shot and Kepa goes on the fall for the retrieve The Higgins method is the only method that allows the dog to flush the bird on cue , followed by a stop to flush and no chasing , this is what Brad refers to as the Flush / Stop . What we have seen and learned from the dogs , the Flush / Stop strategy actually makes the dogs even more steady , yes i am saying , letting your dog flush birds makes them more steady ,and you get a level of trust that you can only get from a Higgins Gun Dog . This is the only way i will have my dogs trained after doing this for over 40 years the flush / stop is one of the best strategies i have ever seen and experienced .

    By – Reagan Olivares