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    Kepa (HGD)
    Here is a video of Kepa doing the Higgins Method Flush Stop Cue on wild Valley Quail.The Higgins method is the only one that allows the dog to flush birds on cue, followed by a stop to flush,and no chasing allowed.The transition has been a little tough for Kepa, due to he was originally trained by Brad, where i would go out front to flush the bird , we did that for 6 years. Kepa is starting to gain trust and confidence in the flush stop strategy after working on it from the last and current wild bird seasons.Great strategy to have in your back pocket when your dog points in some thick brush and you cant get to him and flush the bird. Although Kepa still hesitates doing it in certain situations i am very happy with his progress. Note: this srategy also allows you to go in front and flush the bird if you like, just dont give him or her the verbal alright cue. Just dont give up on your dog keep working on whatever strategy you want to improve on no matter how long it takes. Happy Hunting to all Higgins Gundogs.