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    Kepa (HGD) 1-6-18
    Kepa does a beautiful job stalking a covey of about 20 Valley Quail. This is the kind of dog work that a Higgins Gundog is capable of handling, if you just leave him alone to do his thing. I would rather shoot only one bird a day with this kind of dog work, instead of shooting 10 limits. Some will say dogs dont think , as you will see in this video that is not true, you will see Kepa stop and think about his next move multiple times, even going into a ditch just to make sure he is on the track. What is beautiful about this, Kepa kept the covey together, even after the covey went through a fence, and not one bird left until he got them stopped. In real time this whole scenario took 7 min and 52 sec.,(talk about a chess match) Unfortunately i must have winged the one bird , and he escaped into the thick brush where we couldn’t get to it.