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    Ekahi learning the alright cue

    Ekahi is ready to move on with her gundog lessons. At this
    part of her lesson, the goal is to show her that she needs to wait until I say “alright”, before going in to flush the bird. In the beginning, Ekahi tried a few times to go in before I said “alright”, but that never leads to success, the bird always gets away and she loses. What is great is that the bird is the one that punishes the dog, I am not the bad guy. All predators will repeat a strategy if it is successful. Lack of success requires a change of strategy. Now she clearly understands that waiting for the “alright” cue leads to success. No e-collar or any obedience commands. So it is time to move forward to the next association where I’ll drop the check cord and show her that choosing to be steady to the scent of the bird leads to success. Stay tuned in.