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    The Higgins Method -www.higginsgundogs.com
    Ekahi learning the steady to scent strategy.
    Steady to scent is when a dog smells a bird and goes on point, no matter how far from you, it waits until you get there to finish it up. The most important thing about teaching this strategy , you have too have good wild acting birds, pigeons and launchers cannot be used, the bird must be free to do whatever it’s going to do, the bird must leave if the dog puts to much pressure, or if the dog tries to flush it before you get there, or when you give the “alrght cue”. In the beginning the dog will try different options ( this is why you need good birds) to see if their way is more successful than yours, it is their nature to try other strategies,but all it takes is a few unsuccessful options for them to accept that your strategy leads to success, then the dog will keep repeating that strategy. Success from a dogs perspective is a bird in the mouth.
    As you will see in these videos, when i get into the birdie area i will drop the cord and she is free. Then i will get back to the cord when she goes on point and finish it out. The goal is too get her understanding that being steady to scent until i get there, and then waiting for the “alright cue”. leads too success, If she doesn”t the bird will leave and she is unsuccessful. We still have a little more work to do on this strategy before we go forward with her lessons. Have a great day.