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    The Higgins Method – http://www.higginsgundogs.com


    Shooter gets the bird and gives it to the dog

    Ekahi learning about the value of the shooter and trust


    The goal here is to show Ekahi that the Handler/Shooter is valuable and possesses an important skill. I have the ability to help get the bird in her mouth. She has to understand that success will require that she cooperates, and stays in touch with the Handler/Shooter. We are a team and success is a joint effort, we need each others talents.


    Just like in a pack of Coyotes or Wolves, each member of the pack has a job to do. They have to trust that each member will do their specific job and work as a team to be successful in the hunt or they don’t eat. Stay tuned for more on Ekahi’s progress.


    Have a great day everyone