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    The Higgins Method – http://www.higginsgundogs.com

    Ekahi learns some new successful strategies.
    1) Being steady and not chasing birds leads to success
    2) When you are stationary, a flushing bird means don’t move. (steady to flush)
    3) When you are moving, the sight of a flushing bird means stop. (stop to flush)

    In this video, you will see Ekahi demonstrate that she clearly understands that being steady leads to success. In all the clips, she shows no intent to chase birds and is steady to wing, shot, and kill.

    In the first clip, Ekahi goes on point and before I get in front, the bird flushes. I take the shot. She does not move at all and is rewarded for being steady.
    (steady to flush = #2)

    The second clip, she goes on point and as we approach, the bird pops out of the bush and starts to run. As Ekahi starts to move and try to stalk it, the bird flushes. She stops, I take the shot and reward her for stopping.
    (stop to flush = #3)

    In the last clip she goes on point. When we get set up, I give her the “alright cue”. She goes in, does a beautiful flush/stop followed by an immediate stop to flush (#3 ). She is then steady and does not chase the bird ( #1 ). She is rewarded with a bird in the mouth.

    The next thing we will be working on is letting her do the retrieves on my vebal cue.

    Have a great day everyone.