• Kepa posted an update in the group HGD Community 2 years ago

    Ekahi and I received our Higgins Gundog Certification.
    So now i have 2 Certified Higgins Gundogs.
    I would like to thank Brad Higgins​ for allowing me to take the lead in the training of Ekahi, and being there to guide me through the process. Great learning experience

    Higgins Gundog Certification (HGD)
    A dog that has earned this title, chooses to cooperate and understands that he needs the handler (shooter) in order to be successful. He demonstrates a high level of trust in the handler and, using his own free will, manages his birds with care and thoughtfulness. He displays all of his natural drive, focus, intensity and steadiness while hunting and managing his birds. All dogs have been tested under realistic hunting conditions and have earned the coveted title of Higgins Gundogs (HGD). Additional skills and abilities required to reach this level of excellence include:

    Bird Management (stalking, pointing, setting, etc.)
    “Flush/Stop” Cue
    Stop to Flush
    Steady to Flush
    Working with Bracemate
    Natural Retrieve

    Here is the video of Ekahi’s final test
    Ekahi already has passed all of the above.
    The last test she had to demonstrate was steady until released with a natural retrieve. As you will see,Ekahi goes on point, i give her the “alright cue” , she does a flush/stop,then does not move at all throughout the whole scenario until i release her for the Retrieve. GOOD GIRL EKAHI.

    I am so proud of her
    Have a great day everyone
    Ekahi will be hunting some Sage and Blue Grouse in Sept.
    Will have some Videos and pictures.