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    Tom can not be happier hunting with my Britts Percy and Ruger, that were trained by me using the Higgins method. I love when I am hunting on state lands, which is all we have in NJ and you might think that everyone hunting has named their dog “whoa” because that is all you here. I hunt my dogs with a tracking collar in very high grassed fields and most of the other hunters can’t believe that I say absolutely nothing to my dogs until it is either “fetch”or “dead bird”and “good dog”. I love when hunters, hunting with with for the first me get excited and say I see Percy creeping when we are still 50 yrs away moving in. All I say is there is a difference between creeping and managing a bird. I tell them don’t worry he is so cautious, taking advantage of the wind to peg the exact location of the bird that the bird will still be there for you to flush and shoot. When they ask me the difference between creeping and managing I tell them to check out Higginsgundogs website and you will find the answer. I hope everyone belonging to and training their dogs using Brad’s method is having as much fun as me. Thanks Brad

    • Hey Tom,

      Great post. Here is how I explain the difference between creeping and stalking. Creeping is moving toward the bird with the intent to catch or flush the bird and chase. With our Higgins Gundogs, stalking (managing) is moving toward the bird with the intent to get in a position to flush it when asked. To get as close as the bird will allow before being pressured into flight. A predator can’t be successful when he pounces, unless he knows where the target is. It’s a beautiful balancing act. Too little pressure on the bird and it will keep running. Too much pressure, the bird flushes and all is lost.

      Being steady or unsteadiness is not about movement. It’s about intent.