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We’re in the process of adding a Member Section to the website. It will include training videos and a members only forum where I will be available to answer questions and discuss training. All of the new videos will be of actual training including starting and training young pups, as well as videos showing how I fix clients and their dogs with problems. The videos will be categorized and tagged with search words so you can find any video topic you’re looking for. In addition, to make it easy, the training videos will be listed is sections that follow our training flowchart.

I think this is a great way to learn about and stay current with my method. Because what I do is so hands-on, this new Members Section to the website will be much better than another book or DVD series. Membership will include full access to all the training videos and access to the Members only, question-and -answer forum. Members can stay involved, ask questions, and watch new weekly videos of me training and hunting the dogs/owners. I’m setting it up as a monthly, paid subscription. 

The current website will remain the same and still have a lot of free information for current subscribers and guests including hunting videos and updates. 

It’s an exciting time here at Higgins Gundogs. The new hunting/training site in Yerington Nevada is up and running. We back up to the Mason Valley Wildlife Area and have access to over 20,000 acres and tons of wild quail, pheasants, ducks, geese, etc. It is as good as it gets. I’ll have more updates coming soon.

Brad Higgins
Higgins Gundogs

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Brad Higgins, professional dog trainer and creator of the unique Higgins Method of dog/handler training.

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  1. I loved the new blog on ‘trust.’ As usual, very well said. I wish more people understood what you are all about, but then again, I am not sure I really understand it. I just know that it works and is so different from all the ‘whoa’, ‘whup’ and e-collar training out there today. I feel very honored to be part of the Higgins Gun Dog training.

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