NOW AVAILABLE: Private Phone/Video Consultations With Brad Higgins

I get a lot of phone calls and emails from gundog owners all over the country. For many, our clinics and seminars are too far away for them to attend. For these clients, I have now begun offering private phone consultations. It’s been working well and owners can really  get a good understanding of my unique method. We put together a very clear program for owners and their dogs that includes clear “learning milestones”. It’s fun to watch your dog learn right before your eyes using no pressure, obedience or repetition.

With private consultations, we now have the ability to address specific learning issues that owners might be having with their dogs. With all the video recorders available now including smartphones, it’s easy to post videos of learning sessions. I’ve had owners send me videos of specific problems they might be having with their dogs. In return, if they like, I  can send clients videos of our dog work where we addressed their specific issue.

If you would like more information, please give us a call at (916) 717-5597 or email.


About the author
Brad Higgins, professional dog trainer and creator of the unique Higgins Method of dog/handler training.

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