For more information or to register for any of the upcoming Hunt/Training Days, please call or email Higgins Gundogs.

Phone: (775) 267-7240




4 Comments on "Register for Upcoming Social Hunt/Training Days"

  1. Brad, I will be there on the 28th for the hunt.

  2. Hi please register me for the March 28th hunt date!


  3. I’m in for the Social Hunt on Feb 21st. I would like to have 1-2 hrs of one-on-one training time after the social hunt or early Sunday morning. Maybe on the Magic Brushpile? In terms of the social hunt and what I’d like to get out of it-I’d like to have an opportunity to handle my dog with another shooter and then shoot over a seasoned dog if that would be possible. I’d also like to walk with others to observe.


    Lisa W

  4. Please register me for the February 21 and the April Higgins Social Hunts. I would also like to tack on one-on-one training sessions before and after Saturday, 2/21 for me with Sophia and Ruger. I sent email earlier today with details, including what I want to get out of the training sessions.

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