September 2nd Seminar

Higgins Gundogs had another successful clinic today! Along with two Brittanys, a Pointer and a Weim/Vizsla cross were five Griffonpoint Griffons.


Scott Jacobs came to meet Monkey (Pete x Periwinkle pup) and brought Archie, his first Griffonpoint/Higgins Griffon. We were extremely impressed with how well Scott has seasoned Archie. Archie is a true Higgins Gundog, he is Steady to Wing, Shot, Fall and Retrieve. Scott has spent his time with Archie hunting wild birds, mostly chukar, and it really shows. Archie was careful, bold and had that look of confidence that only a well seasoned Higgins Gundog who knows that being steady will put a bird in his mouth, can have. John and Christine Adolph brought Fritz (Pete x Holly pup) back up to continue his gundog work. John and Christine have also done a sweet job handling Fritz in the field, remembering to focus on staying connected. Fritz was introduced to the BrushPile and in three birds stopped to flush and demonstrated steadiness through fall. It seems to run in the family, his brother Moe also worked the BrushPile and tried some new options before deciding that being steady was the only way to get that bird. Moe is owned by Dustin Horse who has done an awesome job raising him.

Monkey was really impressive on the BrushPile. He has been watching from the sidelines for the past weeks but has only worked it three or four times himself before today. Today he was Steady to Wing, Shot, Fall and also stopped to flush- at four and a half months old!

The Hardesty’s brought their Weim/Vizsla who loved his quail. Brad started him in the field with some quail, where he showed how much he liked his birds. He found, bumped, chased and caught his birds while Brad shot from a distance. He will make a fine gundog with more experience and as he becomes more comfortable with birds and hunting.

Ron and Suzanne Pecci brought their five year old Brittany who had been made insecure from conventional training. He was unsure of the training environment when he arrived but after building confidence on the BrushPile, he returned to the field and was Steady to Wing, Shot and Fall while Brad handled and shot over him. He is a talented and sweet dog and will really shine with the Higgins Method. When he first entered the field, he hung close and was concerned about leaving Brad to go look for birds. When he realized that Brad was not going to interfere with the hunt and was simply there to work in a partnership to hunt and shoot the bird, he opened up and hunted with style.

Craig VonChance brought his four month old Brittany and learned that his pup has a ton of desire and talent. The pup went nuts for his first quail and as it flushed he grabbed it and packed it around like a big dog! He was so bold and confident that he later was given an introduction to the BrushPile where he learned to recognize that a shooter in front of him would flush, shoot and give him a bird when he focused on the BrushPile and acknowledged the shooter.

Jordan Wittman and Ashley Maurier came to watch the clinic as they are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their new French Braque puppy and wish to find a method of training that will suit their dog’s cooperative and soft nature. We are looking forward to meeting their new puppy and helping them become a great team.

Reagan Olivares also came to watch and help out. Reagan and his German Shorthair Pointer are a Higgins Gundog Team. Reagan handles and shoots over his GSP, Steady to Wing Shot and Fall. Thank you for your help Reagan!

Speaking of help, a huge THANK YOU to Tom, Dusty, Katherine and Maya for a fantastic lunch! We are grateful for the help and great food. Everything was super!

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Griffonpoint Kennel, Katy Stuehm. Breeder and trainer working in the Higgins Method since 2007.

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