Our Services

Dog/Owner Training

Our services include phone consultations and private one-on-one sessions with owners and their dogs. We also kennel dogs for clients but we do require that the owners be present at a number of the training sessions. Keep in mind, our method is training from the dog’s point of view. You need to learn how to get in his head and how to stay there.

Higgins Hunt & Wingshooting Days

These are one day events where everyone, those with dogs as well as those without, is invited to experience the Higgins method of training, hunting and wingshooting.  We’ll hunt/train and shoot birds over Higgins Gundogs. Attendees are encouraged to bring their dogs too for training tips and lots of bird exposure. Part of the day will be spent practicing wingshooting over simulated hunting scenarios. Lunch is also included. Come spend the day with like minded people in a fun, social environment. Give us a call for details.

Clinics & Seminars & Training Days

We offer a variety of hands-on training clinics, seminars and dog/owner training days. Join us for an educational day with your dog! Learn more about our training clinics »

We currently have a number of Dog/Owner Training Days scheduled. These are a great opportunity for you and your dog to be involved and learn the Higgins method hands-on.
Our next clinic date will be posted soon. This clinic will cover the foundation or basics of the unique Higgins Method.  It will be held at our Lincoln, CA training facility.  Learn more and register online »

Wingshooting  Instruction

Wingshooting is defined as the shooting of gamebirds that are flying. It differs significantly from trap shooting, sporting clays, skeet, etc. In wingshooting, the target is accelerating (not decelerating) , you can’t see one first, you can’t call for it, there is no hold point or  break point and your stance and foot positions will vary.

We teach a natural, instinctive shooting style that makes wingshooting simple and easy to understand. In a nutshell: Focus on the bird, keep your shoulders square with the bird, mount the gun in front of the bird and pull the trigger when your cheek touches the stock.

Dogs For Sale

We occasionally have puppies, started and trained dogs available.


We have a number of clients that hunt with hawks and falcons. Brad Higgins is an experienced master falconer and can help get your dog tuned up to join the team.