Higgins Gundogs Award Winners

Our award program has been developed for the purpose of encouraging and promoting the unique Higgins Method of dog/handler training. 


Puppy Partnership Certification (HPP)

Novice Gundog Partnership Certification (HNGP)

Higgins Gundog Certification (HGD)

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Adolph, JohnHGD Griffonpoint I'FritzWirehaired Pointing Griffon
Anderson, Brian & PattiHGD, Champion Glacier's Zephyr Breeze (Gus)Wirehaired Pointing Griffon
Anderson, Brian & PattiHGD Watereatons Deux Amis (Freyja)Wirehaired Pointing Griffon
Anderson, MattHGD Griffonpoint R'TimberWirehaired Pointing Griffon
Barrett, SandyHGD, Ch Roclyn Half Pint, MH, CGCIrish Setter
Belanger, GregHGD Griffonpoint (Newtown) D'Harry, HGD Griffonpoint K'PeanutWirehaired Pointing Griffon
Brown, JudithHGD KendrewGordon Setter
Capilla, RonHGD Griffonpoint Newtown Blackmagic SaraWirehaired Pointing Griffon
Capilla, RonHGD Griffonpoint Wildwest (Josie)Wirehaired Pointing Griffon
Cook, MarshallHGD ChelseaPudelpointer
Dailey, BriceHGD Griffonpoint U'ScoutWirehaired Pointing Griffon
Davocato, FrankHGD, JakeGerman Wirehaired Pointer
Drew, JoeHGD Griffonpoint T'CabiWirehaired Pointing Griffon
Dworak, Barry HGD, Gus Mudbone Augustus McCrae (Gus)Vizsla
Dworak, BarryHGD AdrianHiggins Pointers
Dworak, BarryHGD WallaceHiggins Pointer
Esperance, Larry HGD, WilWirehaired Pointing Griffon
Fairlee, LizHGD, LyricBlue Weimaraner
Francis, Kelly(4-6-18) HGD FinnBrittany
Hogg, Wanda(4-6-18) HGD TrooperBrittany
Hogg, Wanda(4-6-18) HGD DannyBrittany
Illingworth, Steve HGD, Griffonpoint J’Gracie (Gracie) Wirehaired Pointing Griffon
Jacobs, ScottHGD Griffonpoint (Newtown) Archer, HGD Griffonpoint L'DudleyWirehaired Pointing Griffon
Lasich, Christina, MDHGD, JewellEnglish Pointer (pound rescue)
Liljedahl, RonHGD SageCesky Fousek
Mann, AndreaHGD, Intl Ch Heathrow’s The Pelican Brief, MH, RN, CGCEnglish Setter
McNally, Brock and JillHPP Griffonpoint Q'Sprocket and HPP Griffonpoint W'CoppiWirehaired Pointing Griffon
Miller, LisaHGD Griffondor TreyWirehaired Pointing Griffon
Mullin, DerrickHGD, Ch Roclyn Killian’s Red, MH, CAT, CGCIrish Setter
Newsom, Miriam & JosephHGD HaleyPudelpointer
Nissen, Eric & Therese IngramHGD StellaPointer
Olivares, ReaganHGD, KepaGerman Shorthaired Pointer
Pera, RichHGD Trigger Pointer
Pera, RichHGD CodyWirehaired Pointing Griffon
Powers, KevinHGD George, HNGD RosieSetter
Reinhard, Ryan(4/25/18), HGD Supreme Point's Fielding Grounders (Sammy)Wirehaired Pointing Griffon
Skinner, Tawna & Andrus, Anita(4-3-18) HGD Dynamite Deva of Salmon River, (Dyna)Wirehaired Pointing Griffon
Slingsby, JeffHGD, MardiGerman Shorthaired Pointer
Stone, Douglas, Maj GenHGD, EarlUnknown (pound rescue)
Stuehm, KatyHGDs Griffonpoint Bellibone, Libby, IthacaWirehaired Pointing Griffons
Tucker, JayHun Hill's Sugar Magnolia (Maggie) Wirehaired Pointing Griffon
Valente, FrankHGD, KodaVizsla
Voris, BenHGD Griffonpoint Newtown Arrow FlynnKorthals Griffon
Welsh, PeterHGD Gypsy, HGD OpieGerman Wirehaired Ponters
Winkel, DaveHGD, Griffonpoint Alter Ego (Bruno) & HGD Griffonpoint Fay Reese, HGD Griffonpoint T'GradyWirehaired Pointing Griffons
Winkel, TaylorHGD Griffonpoint Q'ToddWirehaired Pointing Griffon
Woods, ChadGriffonpoint X'BomberWirehaired Pointing Griffon
Zimet, MarthaHGD, Kasamar Constant Craving NSD (Sophia)Weimaraner
Zimet, MarthaHGD, Touchstone's Star of Orion (Ruger)Weimaraner