Clinics, Seminars & Testing

We offer a variety of training and handling options for you and your dog.

Topics covered include:

  • Why our method is unique
  • Understanding how dogs learn
  • Introducing puppies to hunting and the gun
  • Reading your dog and understanding his actions
  • Building a cooperative relationship with your dog
  • The Magic Brushpile


    • The importance of timing and consistency
    • Use of training aids including the checkcord and e-collar
    • Steadiness as a learned behavior (not an obedience command)
    • Handling in the field
    • Fixing problems
    • Natural & trained retrieve

2017 Clinics, Seminars, Tests

Date Event Location
 June 10, 2017 Puppy  Partnership Yerington, NV (view map) More Info


Social Hunt/Training Days

These are days set aside primarily for Higgins Gundogs and their owners. Others are invited to bring their dogs and join us for a day of hunting and training. It is generally limited to four dogs and their owners. These social days are for you and your dog to have access to the hunt/training grounds and good flying, wild acting birds. I will be available to help guide you in setting up realistic hunting scenarios and answer questions. Come on out and work your dog. There will also be hunting demonstrations available where you can observe, and is some cases shoot over world class Higgins Gundogs. Shooting instruction will also be available for those interested.

2017 Hunt/Training Days

Date Event Location
 Oct. 7, 2017 Hunt/Training Day Yerington, NV (view map) More Info