The Basics of Training with the Higgins Method

Our next clinic is scheduled for January 11, 2014 in Lincoln, California. Registration will be at 8:00 and the clinic will last from 9:00 until 2:00. The location for this clinic is at Yankee Slough Hunt Club, 3805 California 65 Lincoln, CA 95648.

Simply complete the online registration form below. Come join us for a day with your dog. Learn firsthand about the unique Higgins training method. For additional information, please call us at 916-717-5597.

Topics Include

  • Why our Method is unique.
  • Understanding how dogs learn
  • Introducing puppies to hunting and the gun
  • Reading your dog and understanding his actions and motivations
  • Building a cooperative relationship with your dog
  • The Magic Brushpile
  • The importance of timing and consistency
  • Use of training aids
  • Steadiness as a learned behavior (not an obedience command)
  • Handling in the field
  • Fixing problems
  • Natural and Trained retrieve

This clinic includes demonstrations of wing shooting (shooting birds that are flying) over dogs that are steady to flush, shot and fall.

Registration Information

Payment is required in order to reserve a working spot in this clinic. Auditing spots may be purchased in advance as well. Upon receipt of your registration your confirmation will be emailed to you.  Lunch is included; however, feel free to bring snacks and beverages if you like. You may pay with cash, check or credit card. Please make checks payable to Brad Higgins. If using a credit card, give us a call with your credit card information. Send your payment to: Brad Higgins, PO Box 106, Newcastle, CA 95658

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