Shooting Partridge Over Will

Here is our newest pup Will. Special thanks to Des O’Neile, Glencuan Pointers in Northern Ireland.

Will is gaining hunting experience and has been introduced to the gun. Soon, we will begin his steadiness training with the “Magic Brushpile”.



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Brad Higgins, professional dog trainer and creator of the unique Higgins Method of dog/handler training.

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  1. This is real trivia but may be of passing interest. If you look at the names of the males in Will’s litter they are Glencuan Frank, Sammy and Will. Frank McManus of Ballyronan Pointers, Sammy Morrison of Slieveanorra Pointers and Will Sloan of Ardoon, Spaniels, Setters and Pointers. A distillation of the knowledge and experience of these three men would make a heady perfume.William Charles Whitley Sloan was like a second father to me and we worked together form many years before he relocated to the Isle of Man. Argueably his claim to fame was the he bred Speckle of Ardoon who won the Cocker Championship three years on the trot. I claim the credit for extending Frank’s trialling career for about three years when we used to travel together but it was from Sammy Morrison that I really learnt the differences between the temperament of the home grown pointers and the continental dogs that I ended up owning and it is in no small way down to Sammy that I had whatever success that I did.

  2. Will is looking great! Very nice video. Looking forward to seeing you all next weekend.

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