Trust, the Foundation of the Higgins Method

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We have been getting a lot of new guests and registered users recently. Thanks to all. I thought I would put up one of our training videos that really helps define the differences in my method.

BEFORE WATCHING THIS VIDEO, PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW. It will take you to the flowchart of my method. It’s important to understand the different steps in my method. While you’re there, read about the Brushpile and how it is used. This is unique stuff and is probably different from anything you have seen. This is training from the dog’s perspective.

People often ask how I get dogs demonstrating steadiness and cooperation in just a couple of sessions without the use of obedience, verbal commands, hand signals, e-collars or pressure. In addition, no “stop”, “whoa” or “stand” command has been taught. The answer is the Magic Brushpile. Here the dogs learn that steadiness leads to success (a bird in his mouth). When working a dog on the Magic Brushpile, I have complete control of the dogs success or lack thereof. I also have the ability to time things perfectly to build the necessary associations that lead to a “mentally steady” dog.

This video shows a dog working the “Magic Brushpile”. His goal, as is the goal of all hunting dogs, is to get a bird in his mouth. He knows the Brushpile is a birdy spot. We showed him with a check cord, that if he is careful and steady, the shooter will go out, kill him a bird and share it with him. He was then released to do whatever he liked. He ran to the birdy place a time or two with no success. This video shows what he chose to do next. He became stealthy and cunning and at the 49 second mark, he asks for the shooters help. We call this a “defer”. This is the “magic” in the Magic Brushpile. This is trust defined.




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Brad Higgins, professional dog trainer and creator of the unique Higgins Method of dog/handler training.

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  1. Absolutely.

    Thanks for posting.


  2. Good video! What I enjoy about this video is the dog truly showing trust in the handler to be able to get the bird for him. The trust you see between the handler and dog is what makes a great hunting partnership.

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