Upcoming Higgins Hunt & Wingshooting Day

Higgins Gundogs would like to announce that we have created a new, weekly get-together for past, current and future Higgins Gundogs clients. We call these events “Higgins Hunt & Wingshooting Days”. These are one day events where everyone, those with dogs as well as those without, is invited to experience the Higgins method of training, hunting and wingshooting.  The day will include observing, hunting and shooting over steady Higgins Gundogs as well as wingshooting practice (bring your shotgun), shotgun instruction, falconry demonstrations and more. Attendees are encouraged to bring their dogs too for training tips and lots of bird exposure. This is a great opportunity to spend the day with like minded people in a fun, social environment. Give us a call or e-mail for additional information.

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